damn katy! my poor heart feels so nostalgic. 

Little Mix for TATI FRANCE
Little Mix for TATI FRANCE

3 years of Little Mix! (August 19th, 2011)

On this stage we formed as one, Wembley’s were it’s all begun. Representing unity, four young girls who had a dream. LITTLE MIX! One, two, STAND UP, three, four!

I love you girls so much, and I’m so proud of how much you achieved in these three years, how far you’ve come and how much you influenced young girls all over the world to believe more in themselves. You proved to me that if I believe hard enough, I can do everything. You taught me that I am worth something, that I can achieve whatever I want, that I’m beautiful and unique simply by being beautiful and unique yourselves. Please don’t ever change who you are, because you inspire so many people to be more proud of themselves. Thank you for everything you’ve done. We can’t thank you enough, but we’ll never stop trying. 

Together since August 19th, 2011 

Happy 3 Years of Little Mix


Happy 3rd Anniversary Little Mix!

"I look at these girls now, and I genuinely can’t believe I’ve only known them [for this long]. They’re my best friends, my sisters, my family, and I love them to pieces, and I genuinely couldn’t live without them.”  ~ Jesy Nelson

"I’ll admit, I never wanted to be in a band. Then, in X Factor, they put me in this group and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”  ~ Leigh Anne Pinnock

"[At first I thought] Oh no! Not a girl group! I can’t be in a girl group! But here I am now, and I’m happy as Larry.  ~ Jade Thirlwall

"At first, when I got told I was going to be in a girl group, I was so worried… But as soon as I met them [and] we got on that stage… it felt right.”  ~ Perrie Edwards